Thomassen Transport

Thomassen Transport

Like Greif Tholu BV, Thomassen Transport BV is a part of the Thomassen Group. This business handles transports on the road using truck combinations. In addition to the transports we make for Greif Tholu BV, we can also transport your goods. Our fleet consists of approximately 25 truck combinations with own Dutch drivers. Some of these combinations are part of the Long-Trucks (Long and Heavy Vehicles). These truck combinations can transport up to 42 block pallets or 52 Europalettes.

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We also have +/- 120 BDF swap bodies, and +/- 25 trailers, which can be parked at the customer site so that you do not need to remove the load until it is actually needed. We optimize your storage area in this case in an efficient and economical way.

Vehicle tracking systems

All of our vehicles are equipped with vehicle tracking systems 24/7 so we can monitor where your cargo is currently located. In addition, there is the possibility to store your goods in one of our warehouses in Ede. If you are interested in one of our services, please contact your account manager to discuss in detail what we can do for your company

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