Recollect terms of delivery

Terms of delivery Recollect

We can collect every type of packaging / pallet. Also the IBC's from different producers and suppliers. Before we can pick-up empty STEEL drum we have to agree the price. For this matter you can always contact us.The packaging must be empty, i.e. drip-dry and not trickling. Any excess product must be removed.The packaging must be firmly and securely closed. Label plates must be in place. All original closures, caps and valves must be firmly closed as well as fully functional.
The packaging must have labels accurately attached; the original label must correspond to the last filling material

-dsc1621 -dsc1584

Pallet and metal frame condition

Pallet and metal frame off an IBC must be in reusable condition. Packaging containing toxic residues are accepted only after prior decontamination. A decontaminated packaging must be marked as such (label). Incases of highly irritating or strong smelling filling goods, the decontamination of the packaging can be requested from the consignor. In all these instances, the proof of decontamination must be presented together with the packaging.


Compliance of the packaging with the above return conditions as well as its degree of reconditionability is determined after inspection in our facility. The resulting grading of the packaging is binding. Packaging which are not in compliance with the above return conditions, are returned to the consignor or disposed of at the consignor's charges.

-dsc1593 -dsc1614 -dsc1601 -dsc1624

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