Refurbished IBC's

Tholu Refurbished IBC's

Since used IBCs are returned to us from all conceivable areas of the industry, we also rebottle a wide range of IBCs. Our production site in Ede has a fully automated process for replacing the bottle (inner tank). Thanks to high speed throughput, we always have the IBC you are looking for in stock, with and without the UN quality mark. We also have a wide range of pallets available. Since we produce the bottles and manage the automated logistics process in-house, we are capable of offering the highest level of reliability and quality.

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Thanks to the fully automated process, you can be certain that all IBCs are subjected to additional testing for leaks once the tank and cage have been assembled. The bottle also does not come into contact with forklifts, pallets or other types of transport after production; they are transported to the rebottling site on conveyor belts, which keeps damage to a minimum. We have a service available for our customers to track rebottled IBCs and to pick them back up in case of a problem.

Recycling HDPE

We strive to recycle as many IBC components as possible so that they can be used again in another product. Given the enormous flow of HDPE that is released during this process, this is one of the largest sources of raw materials that we prepare for use in another product. Each year we shred, wash and prepare around seven thousand tons of HDPE for a new life in the packaging or automotive industry.

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