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About Tholu

Greif Tholu is your partner in industrial packaging. The name Greif Tholu is a combination of ‘Tho’ from Thomassen and ‘lu’ from Lunteren. The family-owned company began operations in 1997 and initially offered a full range of packaging to fulfil all the packaging needs of our customers. Greif Tholu is an extremely trustworthy partner when it comes to solving your problems with packaging for foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We also have a wide range of steel and plastic barrels available. Our own transport vehicles deliver our products all over Europe. What’s more, we provide you with outstanding service and products for an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Our product line is comprised of a full range of IBC packaging for industrial customers. It includes new, rebottled and rinsed models. Our high degree of automation guarantees consistently high quality. What’s more, we keep most of our products in stock for speedy delivery and all processes are in-house.

The rapid growth that Greif Tholu has undergone over the years has required us to move eight times. These moves have allowed us to respond appropriately to the tumultuous developments. We have been at our current location since 2012. This property is 30,000 m² in size and the building takes up 20,000 m².

New building

 In 2015 we had grown too big for this location as well and had the opportunity to expand to an adjacent property where we built another building with 20,000m² of space. With this investment, we now have a production site of 40,000 m² on a property of 75,000 m² in size. This positions us perfectly for the future. You are welcome to visit us at Greif Tholu!

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