Tholu Recollect workflow

Tholu Recollect workflow

With our recollect system you can have us pick up your used IBC containers from 6 pieces. You can simply notify us whenever you have containers ready for pick-up. 

Click here to recollect

-dsc1600 -dsc1615


The goal of Recollect is to recycle as many IBCs as possible instead of disposing of them. If it is possible, we rinse the IBCs and replace the inner tank with a new one. This process creates a recycled product so that you can re-use the IBC container. We use the old inner tanks that are left over after rebottling (IBC equipped with new inner tank) to make new pallets that many industrial customers place underneath their new IBCs.

Waste stream number

Containers are picked up based on a waste stream number. A waste stream number is unique and is linked to a Eural code and a processing method. With this waste stream number we can report the number of IBCs and/or barrels in kilos to the National Waste Materials Registration Point (LMA). Pick-ups in Belgium, (transborder transport) take place according to the instructions in the Appendix (VII).

-dsc1622 -dsc1505 -dsc1511 -dsc1593

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