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Greif Tholu is your partner in industrial packaging. Over the past twenty years we have been focusing more on one thousand litres packaging, in other words, on IBC packaging. As a result, Greif Tholu is a leader in this market today, and is even the market leader in various segments.  We have been able to achieve this status thanks to the continued efforts of all our employees.  We continuously focus on the outstanding quality of our products.  

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Our product line is comprised of a full range of IBC packaging for industrial customers. It includes new, rebottled and rinsed models. Our high degree of automation guarantees consistently high quality. What’s more, we keep most of our products in stock for speedy delivery and all processes are in-house.  

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We strive to recycle as many IBC components as possible so that they can be used again in another product. Given the enormous flow of HDPE that is released during this process, this is one of the largest sources of raw materials that we prepare for use in another product. 

Delivery from stock

Standard materials can be delivered within forty eight hours if they are in stock. Please feel free to contact your account manager with any questions. He will be happy to assist you.


Like Greif Tholu BV, Thomassen Transport BV is a part of the Thomassen Group. This business handles transports on the road using truck combinations. 


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