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Tholu B.V.
Francis Baconstraat 2
6718 XA Ede

T: +31 0318 452277
F: +31 0318 452288
E: tholu@tholu.com
KvK: 09085727


Welcome on the website of Tholu B.V.

Tholu B.V. is a company which has focused it's activities on distribution of new and used packaging in the industrial chemicals and food marked, starting from 1 litre until 1200 litre. The strategy of our family company is to reduce the costs for our customers for logistic and packaging in a complete concept.
Also the Trip-Lease sales system is a new succesfull concept to reduce costs. Leasing the IBCs from Tholu you can reduce the costs per IBC for arround 20%.
The difference between Tholu B.V. and it's competition is the high service level 24h a day, family mentality and the high quality.  


We include in our default assortment i.a.:


Do you have unnecessary containers?

If your organisation has several used IBC’s then please fill in the form below and we ensure that the IBC’s will picked up. We can pick up every type of IBC from all the producers.

For recollect form needs Adobe Reader. If you don't have it installed on your PC, you can download it by clicking the button below.